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When Someone Dies


If someone dies at home you need to call a Doctor. You can then call us and we will advise you further.

If the cause of death is not immediately obvious, the police will act on the Coroner's behalf and organise the deceased to be taken to a public mortuary so that the cause of death can be established in the meantime. we can meet with you to discuss funeral arrangements.

We will lead you gently through the process of organising your loved one's funeral:


We will . . . 

Provide a professional liaison with family, doctors and clergy/celebrants.
Meet with you to discuss your and your loved one's desires for the funeral service at a time and location of your choice.
Discuss with you the options for burial or cremation.

Organise the placement of death notices in local, national or international newspapers and online if you require. 

Show you a range of caskets so that you can decide the appropriate one for your loved one.


Planning a Funeral


A beautiful funeral captures the essence of your loved one and a celebration of their life. At Shone & Shirley, we will help you design a farewell that is a fitting and meaningful memorial. Our staff will do everything they can to help a sad day be a meaningful and positive experience. There are only a few legal requirements to funerals and the options are as limitless as yours or your loved one's imagination. 


Being Nelson’s longest established funeral home (established in 1862), we pride ourselves on old-fashioned values and attention to detail.  We will listen and transform your ideas into reality to create a  unique service appropriate for your loved one.  We offer a complete bereavement service from funeral planning chapel facilities catering lounge to monument services.


Funerals are most meaningful when they’re personalised. As you are planning, think about the qualities that made your loved one special and what he or she meant to others. Consider passions, hobbies, pastimes, likes and dislikes. Work together with your family, friends, funeral director and the person who will read the service to find ways in which to capture this unique life in the visitation, funeral, memorial service or graveside committal. A few things you might want to consider include:

Choice of music
Video photo slideshow
Eulogy or remembrance
The processions
Committal service or scattering of ashes
The wake or gathering

The cost of a funeral varies dependent upon the style of the service chosen. We have a range of choices available to suit your budget or preferences. Please contact us for a full schedule of fees and disbursements or read on to choose from our payment options.

Direct Cremations


A Direct Cremation is an option that some people may prefer for a variety of reasons.


It provides a low-cost option while still providing a respectful send-off.


While no viewing is available once we transfer your loved one into our care we provide a dignified preparation including dressing and fundamental hygiene services.  Further details of this can be discussed with your funeral director at the time along with the formalities relating to documents that need to be completed before being lodged with the various authorities.


Once approval is received our staff will place your loved one in a casket immediately prior to cremation.*


Because no embalming is carried out, cremation normally takes place within 24 hours or at the earliest opportunity available.


One copy of the Death Certificate is generally available within 10 days following lodgement.


Additional Service


For those families who would like the opportunity of a viewing before a Direct Cremation along with a simple farewell and committal at the tranquil setting of the Wakapuaka Cemetery and Crematorium, we can generally provide this.


Shone & Shirley provide the initial transfer of your loved one into our care on a 24hr 7 day a week basis without incurring any extra cost.  This service is provided from any location in the Nelson/Tasman district without extra charges for mileage travelled during evenings, weekends or public holidays.

Memorial Services


Memorial services are an alternative to a funeral service and are carried out after a burial or cremation.  They are a good option when people have to travel long distances to attend or you wish to spend a longer time organising a ceremony.  Such services can take whatever form you can imagine.  Our funeral directors have a great deal of experience with memorial services and can assist you with any planning required.

Caring for Babies - Stillborn to Infants


Losing a baby at any stage of their life is a tragedy. We have a passion for assisting families at this traumatic time. At Shone & Shirley we show we care by offering our services at no cost.

This service includes the following:

We meet with families and will arrange the transfer of your baby from the hospital or your home to Shone & Shirley.

We provide special baskets to transfer your baby into our care.  If you would prefer a casket please discuss this with us.

We will arrange for a burial or cremation to take place according to your wishes.

We will return your baby's ashes to you.


Financial Assistance


If you require financial assistance, a number of benefits are available to assist in payment of funeral expenses, including Work and Income, NZ Funeral Grants, Returned Services Grants and Accident Compensation Grants. Further information is available on request, and wherever possible, we will assist you with the completion of the necessary forms.

The Funeral Account


It is our normal practice to forward the funeral account seven days following the funeral service. The account is due for payment approximately 30 days after the funeral service. We offer varying payment options. Please contact us for details.

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