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Headstones & Memorials

Headstones and memorials are a beautiful and lasting tribute for those who have passed on, providing a link from generation to generation  and a focal point for precious memories to be rekindled.

We understand that choosing the right one can take time and careful consideration. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming.  Shone & Shirley has a long tradition of assisting families with this important step and our staff will willingly spend time with you sharing their expertise and showing you the many options available.

We have a range of styles on display at our showroom 164 Tahunanui Drive and can also show you many other possibilities.

Quotations are provided FREE of charge

Please contact our monumental sales advisor  Emma Hebberd on 03 546 5700 to make a time to visit and discuss your loved one's memorial.

Traditionally headstones consisted of a simple marker with the name of the deceased, their birth and death dates and a simple inscription.  With the developments in technology and craftsmanship, it is now possible to include photos, art and advanced stone carving to create a memorial that is unique and personal.

Examples of Headstones & Memorials

shone-and shirley memorial 4.jpg
shone-and shirley memorial 2.jpg
shone-and shirley memorial 3.jpg
shone and shirley memorial 6.jpg
shone-and shirley memorial 1.jpg
shone and shirley headstone 1.jpg
Pic 3.PNG
headstone shone & shirley.jpg
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