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About Us

All Shone & Shirley staff are passionate about their work and  go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the funeral arrangement process is delivered with understanding and compassion.

You are welcome to meet our staff and inspect our premises at any time. Simply call us on 03 546 5700 to make an appointment.


Alastair Hebberd - Funeral Director / Managing Director

Emma Hebberd - Director / Funeral Director

Alastair is a 4th generation Nelsonian who grew up around a funeral home. At a young age he found his calling in the funeral industry, leaving Nelson Boys College to work full-time at the funeral home and pursue his true calling.

Alastair gained his diploma in embalming and graduated with an award in 2009. He and Emma then moved to Blenheim where he gained a position at a local funeral home there. He furthered his career by completing the Diploma in Funeral Directing before moving into a management role.

Alastair is passionate about supporting families to plan and direct funerals for their loved ones. He takes great care in making sure everything is organised and ready to run smoothly on the day and will go the extra mile to make sure each service is personalised to reflect the life of a loved one. He was the first person in New Zealand to receive the CARE award within the previous company he worked for.

In 2019 Alastair and Emma are proud to be the seventh owners of Nelsons first funeral home. With beautiful purpose built, modern, and up-to-date facilities that cater for all types of services, they are proud to offer all the support they can to families in a time of grief.

Emma grew up in Richmond attending Waimea College. She then undertook a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning degree before teaching at a local school in Blenheim for many years. After becoming a Mum to Charlotte she went back to teaching part time. She now finds it a privilege to be involved in Shone & Shirley and has many complementary skills to bring to the team. 

Both Alastair and Emma believe strongly in the value of community and family. They have both been involved in local groups and organisations, giving their time and skills back to their community.

Alastair, Emma, and the team at Shone and Shirley believe it is a true honour to care for families who have a bereavement in their family.


Kelly Brough - Funeral Director,

Embalmer & Mortuary Care


Kelly was born and raised in Nelson, where she attended Nelson College for Girls. She is a very proud mother of two independent children.

Kelly has been fortunate to have had careers in various professions over the years. These include a qualified hairdresser, sailing on deep sea fishing vessels and more recently cabin crew for Air New Zealand domestic and Virgin Australia International airlines.

These professions have enabled Kelly with invaluable transferable skills. For Kelly, it has been a real journey and privilege to be involved in these industries. The skills that she has acquired, enables Kelly to help guide you and your family in the final goodbye for your loved one.

As Kelly says, “It is the ultimate privilege to help families in the transitional process when someone they love dies.” And “An even bigger privilege to care for the one who has died.”


Helen Hebberd - In House Florist

Helen Hebberd is a well-known Nelson florist (and the mother of Shone & Shirley director, Alastair Hebberd) with over 50 years experience. She owned the popular Woodlea Floral Studio, Nelson's first florist, until 2008.  She now offers a full funeral floral service for the funeral home's clients.



Shone & Shirley was Nelson's first funeral home, established in 1862. Thomas Shone Senior began his business in 1862 as a cabinetmaker, upholsterer and undertaker in Bridge Street. At the time it was common for cabinetmakers - who were the main suppliers of coffins - to branch into other funeral related business. 

1890  -  1900
On his death in 1890 his two sons, both cabinetmakers, carried on the family business. About 1900 Alfred relocated the business to a site in Collingwood Street. 

1922  -  1969
The business was sold in 1922 to John Bredbury and then to P S Campen in 1936. Shone & Co., as it was known, then bought out the Richmond based funeral operations of W E Wilkes Ltd. 

1970  -  2005
Ted Shirley acquired Shone & Co in 1970, adding his family name to the business. Ted’s sons then operated Shone & Shirley Ltd as a family business until 2000, when the MacDonald family purchased the business. 

2005  -  2011
In May 2005 the business was sold to Craig and Tracey Hames and Ian and Suzanne Bell of Christchurch Bell, Lamb & Trotter Funeral directors Limited.

2011  -  Nov 2019
In July 2011 the business was relocated to a new purpose-built funeral home in Tahunanui, which was developed by Bev and Gary Boucher who later in 2012 also purchased the business of Shone & Shirley funeral directors.

Nov 2019

In Nov 2019 Shone & Shirley was purchased by Alastair & Emma Hebberd.  Alastair is an experienced funeral director and he and Emma are passionate about honouring the long tradition of Nelson's oldest funeral home while bringing warmth and empathy to the families they serve.

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