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Pre-Planned / Pre-Arranged Funerals

A pre-arranged funeral ensures a meaningful farewell that transforms your wishes into reality.


When you pre-plan your funeral your immediate family is released from a great deal of potential extra stress during a very emotional time in their lives. Because they have been left a clear vision as to how you would like your wishes to be carried out, there are many decisions they will be relieved from.


Along with recording your wishes, we can provide you with an approximation of costs to carry these out.


There are many things you will be able to decide; whether you want a burial or cremation, the type of casket, whom you would like your celebrant to be, the type of service be it a funeral, memorial or graveside service.


Alterations can be made to your funeral plan at any time so you are not locked into your original plan. A copy can be forwarded to the holder of your will.


We have forms available which can keep all the details of your pre-arrangement in an easy to understand format.


Phone us any time to make an appointment with one of our

friendly staff if you would like us to discuss this with you.

PH 546 5700

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