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The Shone & Shirley Funeral Trust

Ph 03 546 5700  24HRS

NO extra charges for After Hours Service

This trust is our most established and trusted way of securing peace of mind.  It is a stand-alone entity and is administered by Trustees under the auspices of a chartered accountant.


Funds are secured with the Bank of NZ in interest-bearing accounts.  These funds are only accessible through the Trust on the submission of a death certificate.  Should there remain funds in credit, these are paid directly to the party handling the deceased’s estate.


Unlike insurance providers of funeral trusts, the Shone & Shirley Funeral Plan has no setup, management or release fees.  The administration fee is deducted from the interest earned.


Currently, up to $10,000 is exempt from mean’s testing when applying for long-term residential care.


Unlike insurance providers, you are not required to make monthly contributions for the remainder of your living years, nor is there any stand down period.


When you use the Shone & Shirley Funeral Trust we can also spend time with you recording any wishes you may have for your funeral.


Shone & Shirley was Nelson’s first funeral business, established in 1862 by Thomas Shone Snr.  The current business trading name of “Shones” is Shone and Shirley and Boucher Ltd, established in 2012 shortly after the business’ shift from Collingwood St to its modern new premises at 164 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson in 2012.

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