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Lois Mabel Elisabeth Hunter
10 December 1928 - 17 August 2021
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Lois died peacefully at Nelson Hospital on Tuesday 17th of August 2021. Aged 92 years. Loved sister and sister in law of Max and Effie Hunter, Ray and Jean Hunter (all deceased), John and the late Helen Hunter, Jean and the late Bob Blair. A loved Aunty to all her nieces and nephews.


“ A faithful servant of the Lord as a missionary in New Zealand and India for over 60 years”.

A celebration of Lois’ life, will be held at the Shone & Shirley Chapel 11am on Friday, 10 September 2021
Led by: Tim Hamilton
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"The Lord is my Shepherd"

You are invited to share in Lois's funeral service online


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Shepherd of Israel, keeping Thy sheep -

Never forgetting in slumber or sleep;

Folding them gently when night cometh on,

Going before them at break of the dawn!


Shepherd of Israel, Shepherd of love,

Watching Thy flock from the glory above!

Knowing how weary their wilderness way,

Praying for them - ever living to pray!


2 Shepherd of Israel, strong is

Thine arm,

Shielding Thy flock from each       

threatening harm,

Gathering the lambs as they

falter and fall,

Safe in Thy bosom enfolding them all!


3 Shepherd of Israel, soon to appear,

Soon to deliver Thy “little flock” here!

Just to behold Thee, their richest reward -

Shepherd of Israel, Jesus their



I would be true because my Father trusts me

With many precious things and treasures rare.

Oh, may I not betray the trust that’s given,

But faithful be and steady in His care.


2 I would be true for there are those who trust me,

Who are His blood-bought

ones, His faithful band.

O help me, Lord, that I may never fail them,

But, for the truth, fear not to

take my stand.


3 I would be true because of those who trust me,

Who are outside the fold and hopeless roam;

For if some day they long to know the Saviour,

Oh, may they find the way to

heaven and home.


4 I would be true to all He has committed

Unto my trust, whatever that may be.

And may I never, never disappoint Him

Until the day His glorious face I see.


When life is ended and I must travel

Through death’s dark chambers, I need not fear:  If I have Jesus to guard and guide me, I walk         securely with One so dear.


2 Though dark the valley that lies before me,

A light far brighter than noonday sun Shines o’er my pathway, and hope eternal I see in Jesus; earth’s day is done.


3 I look to Jesus, bright Star to guide me;

‘Twas  Jesus vanquished death and the grave; ‘Twas Jesus only bore my transgression,

For Jesus only my soul could save.


4 Oh, glorious dawning, blest resurrection!

When I with Jesus come forth again,

I shall adore Him, my wondrous Saviour:

He freed my soul from sin’s curse and stain.

Song of Rejoicing


I rejoice to be found. Bought into His fold where love and peace and joys abound. In the Shepherds care untold.


He has led me on thro’ day and night. This final hour has come, the soul has reached it’s fight.

To be with Him a crown now won.

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