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Direct Cremations

A Direct Cremation is an option that some people may prefer for a variety of reasons.


It provides a low-cost option while still providing a respectful send-off.


While no viewing is available once we transfer your loved one into our care we provide a dignified preparation including dressing and fundamental hygiene services.  Further details of this can be discussed with your funeral director at the time along with the formalities relating to documents that need to be completed before being lodged with the various authorities.


Once approval is received our staff will place your loved one in a casket immediately prior to cremation.*


Because no embalming is carried out, cremation normally takes place within 24 hours or at the earliest opportunity available.


One copy of the Death Certificate is generally available within 10 days following lodgement.


COST $2995 (includes GST)


Additional Service


For those families who would like the opportunity of a viewing before a Direct Cremation along with a simple farewell and committal at the tranquil setting of the Wakapuaka Cemetery and Crematorium, we can generally provide this.


COST $3500 (includes GST)


*Extra charges are incurred for weekends and public holidays, however, Shone & Shirley provide the initial transfer of your loved one into our care on a 24hr 7 day a week basis without incurring any extra cost.  This service is provided from any location in the Nelson/Tasman district without extra charges for mileage travelled during evenings, weekends or public holidays.