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At Shone & Shirley we put your needs first.
We care for your loved ones as if they were our own

Shone & Shirley has a modern private reception room where you and your family can meet our staff.

Modern Premises

A pre-arranged funeral ensures a meaningful farewell that transforms your wishes into reality.

Record your Wishes

Headstones and memorials are a beautiful and lasting tribute for those who have passed on, providing a link ...

Lasting Tributes

A Direct Cremation is an option that some people may prefer for a variety of reasons.


It provides a low-cost option while still providing a respectful send-off.

Another Option

Contact us today to discuss the discount we provide on caskets to Grey Power and Gold Card Holders

10% Discount

The Shone & Shirley Funeral Trust is our most established and trusted way of securing peace of mind.

Our Funeral Trust

At Shone & Shirley we put your needs first.
We care for your loved ones as if they were our own

We are here to support you and assist in every way we can at a time of great transition for you and your family. Our dedicated and professional staff are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you to prepare to say goodbye to your loved one.
As Nelson's longest serving funeral home Est.1862, we have the experience to provide you with any type of farewell you can imagine, in any style whether it be traditional or contemporary. From small and intimate private ceremonies to large public ones, we have the resources to put your desires in place and create a special and memorable occasion that will help you begin the healing process. We know that the smallest details are important and the extra service we give makes the difference.
We are also here to provide you with all the information you need if you wish to pre-plan your funeral.